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If you're inclined to read thought provoking articles – and you must be, or you wouldn't be here – there is no better source than I love that it says in their banner: "Because without America there is no Free World." So true!!!


As discussed in the editorials of this web site, while Fox News is hardly perfect, it remains the best overall source for news and comment. They report on news stories you just don't hear elswhere and, while there is a definite conservive bias (and why not, it's need to counter the leftist media), the do consistently get the best representatives of the progressive viewpoints to state their cases, as best they can – and let the viewer decide. My personal favorite is to watch the TV when I can, but that is not very often. Mostly, I listen to the TV show on XM/Sirius. The new Fox Business News is also very informative. You can learn about these and also stream the Fox News Radio live at:


The Drudge Report not only has some interesting original articles, it is THE hub for thought provoking web media. There are links to just about all the big-player websites:

We like the focus and insight of our small Freedomsite.US.  But if you are looking for something that is larger and more comprehensive, yet along these same lines of thinking, we recommend by Ben Hart.


Here is a fairly thorough list of Conservative Web Sites, submitted to us by Jerry Pollard.  Thanks Jerry.

Sites like these are the main source of information that I try to condense, discuss, and present in a slightly different light here on Freedomsite.US.  (Really, folks, I don't make this stuff up.  I'm not that imaginative.)


Additional "study sites" submitted by Jerry Pollard.  Some of these are even new to me, but I will definitely check them all out.  Hope you do to.*/index



There are other “freedomsites” on the web. Here are some of them that we recommend: A Canadian “freedomsite”. Everyone should read this because it provides first hand information about the oppressive Canadian “hate speech” Nazis. If we are not careful, we will soon have the same laws here.
“Dedicated to holding the federal government responsible.” Something we can all get behind. “Dedicated to the preservation of individual liberty.” Who can argue with that?



About Socialism

 George Will, with whom we usually agree, thinks that we are over-using the accusation of socialism. He makes some interesting points in the Orange County Register at:


On the other hand, Douglas MacKinnon agrees with this author – that we have to call the enemy by its name:   While you're there, check out the other articles at

We should all try to learn something new every day. I sure learned something in reading about
America's First Experiment with Socialism (no, it wasn't FDR).


As the great Al Sharpton said the day after the Obamacare bill passed, “Of course it's socialism! That's what the people voted for when they voted for President Obama – socialism.” And things keep getting stranger and stranger. This would be funny, if it weren't so tragic. So, please accept our offer of this link to the bizzarro world counterpart of the - This is a page in FAVOR of socialism. Please do read it. We think there could not be a better argument for our cause than the naivety of this author. But decide for yourself.


And, if you haven't had enough of that yet, here is the clearinghouse for socialist claptrap; the web site of the UK Socialist Party: After all, they are a lot more “advanced” on that side of the pond than are we.





 And If You Get Tired of Reading on the Web,
How About Reading a Book?




Senator Jim DeMint has written an interesting book called Saving Freedom Both of these sites review and talk about this book:

Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism by Joshua Muravchik is an interesting an enlightening read:

The Road to Serfdom: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition by F. A Hayek has become a real classic that shows, among other things, how long truly intelligent people have been aware of this problem and how much catching up the rest of us have to do to save our country and our world:

Chris Wilborn has the following recommendations:
I have another few suggestions for books.  Two are from Mark Levin -- Men in Black (about what the Supreme Court has done to change the Constitution from the bench -- legislation from the bench) and Liberty and Tyrrany

And one other -- Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.  As distasteful as this book may be, it gives a clear insight into Obama and his tactics.   It pays to know and understand your enemy, and this book will provide that insight and understanding.




The above only scratches the surface of the valuable information and ideas that are on the web. But these few sources should get you started. We will add more, from time to time. Thanks for reading.


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About the Editor

Your humble Editor and Proprietor of this web page is a fat old man.  He has retained most of his hair, as though anyone would care, given his overall state of disrepair.   His condition is attributable to a lifetime of debauchery and excess, although these days his main vices are good Scotch and a few cigars. 

Aside from his obvious physical shortcomings, the Editor has the appearance and demeanor of someone who is simply not very bright.  He does little to dispute this impression when, as he is prone to do, he babbles on incessantly about arcane subjects that concern no one except himself, and perhaps a few other equally pathetic individuals.


Circa 1990:  In lawyer disguiseTo his credit, he does have some credentials to recite.  He served proudly in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam era, and attained the rank of Sergeant.  He graduated from Sacramento State University with a 4.00 grade point average.  He obtained his JD from U.C. Hastings, and then did the course work for a PhD at U.C. Berkeley.  Having never gotten around to writing a dissertation at Berkeley, he eventually matriculated at King’s University* and was granted a PhD for research in his field of study, the Political, Social, and Legal environment of Business.  He is a Chairman Emeritus and current Member of the Board of the Clan MacAlister Society (as well as of several other charitable organizations), and had the privilege of representing his Clan on the floor of the Scottish Parliament in 2009 during a special session of Parliament dedicated specifically to Clan issues.  He is an elected Fellow of the Scottish Society of Antiquaries, a prestigious organization sanctioned by the Crown, thereby authorizing him to append the post-nominal "FSA Scot".  By the way, in case you are interested, your Editor does manage to eke out a meager living as an Intellectual Property attorney.


Circa 1990:  the real meHe has enjoyed far more happiness in his personal life than he has deserved, being married for 27 years to the lovely Lucinda, who succumbed to cancer at the age of 44.  Now, he is blessed to have shared the past 13 years (and counting) with the beautiful, charming, and intelligent Gail, who allows him to share in the blessings of her children and grandchildren.  Gail and Eric live in the mountains, between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, and could not ask for a better life.  (Well, they could, but what would be the point?)


Despite all of the above, the overriding characteristic that should be of interest here is that your Editor loves his country.  As one might surmise from browsing through these pages, he has given more than passing thought to ideas such as: What works and what doesn’t in government; what makes a country great; what solutions provide the greatest good for the greatest number, while also moving toward ensuring that the least of us is protected and provided for; what will advance us toward a better tomorrow; and what will threaten the  future welfare of our country and our world?


The Editor has concluded, through a lifetime of study, that our Constitution, and the ethics and intentions of our Founding Fathers, while perhaps not perfect, are the one great hope for mankind.  And, as again you might already have guessed given the subtitle of these web pages, he believes that Socialism, in all its various forms and guises, is the single greatest enemy of the future, and further that the cancer of Socialism is alive and growing in our government today.  Given that firmly held and, we believe, well founded belief, it would be immoral, indeed, for him to sit idly by and do nothing.  This web page, and what will follow, are simply payment of the dues owed for the privilege of living in this great country, the opportunities it has provided, and the promise that it holds for the future.


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 "We are going to get this passed so that we can all figure out together what is in it without the confusion caused by all this conflict!"

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