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We've tried everything else.  Now let's try using a little logic and reason to think things through.  I know that this is quite a different approach than that which they use in Washington.  But, who knows, if we make enough sense, even they might have to listen!


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What is REALLY going on?
      The Slow Civil War
      How Bad Is It Really?
      How Bad Is It, Continued?
   About Socialism
    I Know It When I See It
       Drawing the Line
       Republicans and Socialism
       Socialism & Democrats
       Viva la Difference
       Defense of the FF of Soc.
       The Fascist Threat
  The Economy
       How to Fix it.
Stimulus Doesn't Work
       The Debt Ceiling? 
Taxed to Death!!!!   
Let's Cut That Deficit
       Net Gain or Net Loss?
       CBO Deficit Chart
   Some Specific Topics 
Cap & Trade
       Health Care
On Compromise
   Other Relevant Issues 
Tying Issues Together
       Who Are the Extremists?
       TRUE Compassion
       Radical Islam
The Problem With ...
          The Threat of ...
      I Vote For the Man ...
      The Value of an Education
      Social Psychology
Applied Logic
      Subtle Variations in Ill Logic
The Conservative Straw Man
      A Right to My Opinion?
      Could is Not Should
      Cause & Effect

   Why We Fight
Inspiring Quotations
   Illigitimi Non Carburundum  

Misc. Ramblings

    Politician Bashing
      Funny (for catharsis)
Fundamentally Transf....
         A Letter from Michelle
         An Obama Tale
         How the World Sees Us
             Nancy's Reasoning
      More Serious
Hope & Change
         Lies and Damned Lies
   More Funny But VERY True
Comparison of Two Floods
        A Father Daughter Talk
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   Chris Wilborn
          A Turning Point
          A Taxing Life
          Obama Is a Punk
          Cry Baby 
   Index to Op-Ed
        Socialism, Republican Style
        Seven Principles
        Union Busting
        A Letter From Howard
        Overwhelm the System
           The Fascist Threat

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Oath Keepers is a group of people who recognize that taking an oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution is not something to be taken lightly. And, in this age of turmoil, such an oath may, indeed probably will, be tested. But the future of our country, and of the world, depends on people who recognize this and have the courage of their convictions. I joined.  And I hope that you will check out this web site and consider joining, too.


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The insigina of the Fabian Society - a wolf in sheeps clothing.

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Michelle said, several times, that she had never been proud of the US before.

                                         MISSION STATEMENT  

“If there is to be trouble, let it be in my lifetime, so that my children may live in peace.”  So wrote Thomas Paine in Common Sense, referring to the “trouble” that would erupt into the Revolutionary War.  Now we are in a similar crisis, this time with the future of our country riding on sound economic decisions instead of military strategies, but still requiring that same sort of selflessness expressed by Paine.  We should have dealt with this years ago.  We should have made the hard choices long before they became this hard.  But every day that we go on spending more and more borrowed money, the closer we get to the point of no return.  Will we act like patriots?  Or will we continue to greedily protect our own selfish interests to the detriment of our children and the future of our country?  Will we do what HAS to be done if our children are to enjoy the same opportunities, safety, and prosperity that we have enjoyed?  Or will we go on borrowing and spending money that we don’t have according to outdated and disproved “stimulus” theories?  And will we grovel and whine for every cent of “entitlements” that we can get out of Big Brother, knowing full well that we are betraying posterity?

                      * * * * *
What IS really going on?

Intro Subjects
   What is REALLY going on?
   The Slow Civil War

   How Bad Is It Really?
   How Bad Is It, Continued?

 Most of you who are taking the trouble to read this will have a pretty good idea about what is going on in this country today -  but maybe you haven't put it all in this particular perspective. Hope this helps. The Slow Civil War 
And now that you know what's going on, maybe you should consider, HOW BAD IS IT? 
Or, if you really have a strong stomach, check out HOW BAD IS IT, CONTINUED, which is about our debt crisis.

The Economy 
What's Wrong With the Economy, and How to Fix it.
    Why Stimulus Doesn't Work
    Time to Raise the Debt Ceiling?
Taxed to Death!!!!   
Let's Cut That Deficit
      Net Gain or Net Loss?
      CBO Deficit Chart

This article is just a bit longer than most on this site.  But it is a big topic.  Here, we try to bring together the pieces from various other articles.  What's Wrong With the Economy, and How To Fix It:

For the most part, what we write in these pages does not come as news to most of our readers.  But we do keep trying to find new ways to look at the issues - ways that perhaps will be understandable, or will strike a chord with those who may not yet have solidified their views on some subjects.  This is our attempt to simplify the "stimulus" issue in a way that, we hope, makes a great deal of sense:  WHY STIMULUS DOESN'T WORK

Let's take a look at one important aspect of our situation that is often overlooked, or at least under appreciated.  SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY

A short article with a somewhat different perspective:  IN DEFENSE OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF SOCIALISM

Oh, and by the way, how's that
HOPE and CHANGE working out for you?

And before you go calling us extremists, consider this:  Who Are the Extremists?

Now let's look closer at exactly what those people mean who are calling for "GOING FORWARD" and for "COMPROMISE".

This is an addendum to the lead article here, discussing the criteria for deciding your vote in more detail: 
I Vote For the Man or Woman!!!

Clearly, this web page is intended for an intelligent and discerning audience.  But I'm worried that the number who fit that description might be declining.  Please see:  THE VALUE OF AN EDUCATION

 A Little Logic

Usually, when people argue against socialism, they argue against the factual incorrectness of the underlying assumptions, and rightly so. Those assumptions are just plain wrong. For instance, you and I know that, in general and given the opportunity, people will choose the easier of two courses of action UNLESS there is some cost associated with the easier choice. But socialism depends upon that not being true.

But there is also a terrible illogic to socialism. While the logic may be more difficult to understand, it is easier to prove. Facts are refutable but logic is irrefutable. Unfortunately, even logic is not undeniable. If you try to talk logic to a “progressive” he will generally shut his eyes tight, poke his fingers into his ears up to the knuckles, and begin slowly to rock back and forth while chanting, “I CAN'T HEAR YOU.  I CAN'T HEAR YOU....”

Subtle Variations in Ill Logic
    The Conservative Straw Man
    I Have a Right to My Opinion?
    Could is Not Should
      I Have a Right to my Opinion?
    Could Is Not Should


This is an editorial about those evil conservatives who hate everybody except the rich. Or, at least, it is about their surrogate, THE CONSERVATIVE STRAW MAN.

Please pardon my vulgarity, but I need to reference the old adage about opinions being like a__holes – everybody has one. Indeed, sometimes it is the a__hole who has the opinion. But, is it really true that I HAVE A RIGHT TO MY OPINION?

This editorial is about logic, but it is also about what appears to be a cultural phenomenon. The "could" vs. "should" dichotomy.

It has occurred to me that a lack of understanding of “causality” by the populace, and either a similar failing of our leaders – or else a deliberate exploitation of such deficiency in their constituents – presents a critical roadblock against our efforts to rectify our situation.  So, here is our attempt to cure that: CAUSE AND EFFECT

Lawrence Reed possesses one of the finest minds of this era on the subject of economics. He has postulated "Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy" that are about as close to axiom as one can get. These are listed here – under the “logic” section - since logic and axiom go hand in hand. If you can base syllogistic arguments entirely on axiom then, shazam, you have arrived at truth. We will be discussing this in more detail later but, for now, just read this very short list of propositions. What is there to argue with here? Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy



 What has “global warming” to do with socialism? Nothing, one would think! But one would be wrong, and one's error would be in underestimating the guile of socialists in implementing their Cloward-Piven strategies. So, fellow freedom lovers, beware! The socialists have recently made giant leaps backward by undermining many of the foundations of our great country. And now they are slathering at the bit to push Cap and Trade on us, as they know full well that it would be the straw that would break the proverbial Capitalist Camel's back.

 Oh, and by the way, what do organized criminal enterprises have to do with global warming? Everything! Talk about the truth being scarier than fiction – we are living it! If you don't know it already, you need to find out. The real “wise guys” in this play are Gore, Obama, George Soros, and a mysterious (or, perhaps, nefarious is more accurate) character named Maurice Strong. The CAP & TRADE criminal conspiracy!


What this web page is really all about is the incredible debt that is robbing us of our freedom, and destroying all hope for the future of our great country.  This is just a note (now with an update) about one small but important step in our fight against debt.  There is one GREAT picture attached (thanks to Raul Garabay). 
The Debt Ceiling

 Know Thine Enemy


About Socialism
I Know It When I See It
    Drawing the Line (between what is socialism and what is not)
    Republicans and Socialism
    Socialism, Communism, and the American Democrat Party
    Viva la Difference
    Defense of the FF of Soc.
    The Fascist Threat

If SOCIALISM is the enemy, then how do we know it when we see it? A friend of mine once tried to argue (before Obama became President Obama) that Obama is not a socialists - because he did not fit the dictionary definition, meaning that he did not advocate government ownership of the sources of production. Well, I question even that.

But, in any case, it is obvious that we need to better define what we should be on the alert for. We need a PRACTICAL definition.
The following essay,
I Know It When I See It, attempts a practical, useful definition.

Also, This is the real cover from Newsweek. They think that this is a good thing! Do you?I have noticed a couple of variations of a “conservative pledge” on the Internet. It purports to be a pledge that all Republicans should take, on peril of being called a hypocrite, that they swear not to accept the benefit of any “socialist” programs, such as the military and homeland security, police protection, social security benefits, and such. While I'm sure that the pinhead who wrote this is quite pleased with himself at having perpetrated this “gotcha” on the Republicans while also having ended, once and for all, this nonsense about Democrat policies being socialistic, it is complete BS. But it does raise a question. It behooves us not only to say what socialism is, but to say what it is not:  
Drawing the Line

We spend a lot of time and effort here trying to figure out the basic differences between conservative and liberal thought.  This article boils it down to one simple key difference.  Viva la Difference

                But is it REALLY socialism??? 

Let me digress for a moment.  When we first started Freedomsite.US, we had some decisions to make.  One of them was, what should we call the overspending, overtaxing, increasing government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, phenomenon that we are railing against?  Some eminent commentators have argued that we should NOT call it “socialism” because that will only spark debates about whether that is the proper name or  not, and divert attention from the issues themselves.  Others, such as ourselves, argue that it is so clearly a slow slide toward socialism, that it just makes sense to call a spade a spade (absolutely no pun intended).  We can support this with several arguments and facts, including that this is what the Fabians, themselves, call it.   As usual, though, there is often no simple right and wrong – there are several ways of looking at the problem.  Here is an article, with which we agree entirely, that sees the problem as an aspect of fascism rather than of socialism.  Indeed, we did previously, in an article first published years ago, argue that it is often very difficult to distinguish these phenomena.  But this article (not written by your humble editor here)provides a fresh, interesting, and useful perspective.

Note that there is one very important advantage to our understanding of our predicament that is provided by this article.  That is, when we view present trends as a manifestation of fascism, it helps us to understand why so-called conservative politicians are often so easily persuaded to do the very things that "real" conservatives deplore - such as to increase, even more, the dominion of government over every aspect of our lives: 




 Republicans and Socialism

We've taken our shots at the Democrats. Now it's the Republican Party's turn. Republican Bums  

 Taxed to Death


This may be the most important article on this web page. It points out, rather clearly, the fatal flaw in the “progressive” agenda. Taxed to Death

Are you tired of the bickering about whether a tax hike would increase or decrease revenue?  I know I am.  There are idiots on both sides of this.  So, as a public service, I have written the definitive editorial to put this silliness to bed, once and for all:  NET LOSS OR NET GAIN?

Guest Editor, Chris Wilborn, has some interesting insight on taxes, as well. 
A Taxing Life

Someday people will say in astonishment - the same way we today say, "Do you mean they really used to bleed people to try to make them well?" - "Do you really mean that they used to tax INCOME?"  We have more than one tax problem in this country.  The very quantity of taxes is one.  But another - just as insidious - is our so-called "income tax" system, itself. 

And while we are on the subject of taxes, how much do we have to increase taxes to balance the budget, anyway? 
Let's get rid of the Deficit!

 Lies and Damned Lies


Amid the storm of “facts” from Washington, how can we sort out the truth? Lies and Damned Lies


                            Misc. Ramblings

Being a place for some other interesting stuff.  Misc.

Not being limited by the talents of our own editor and contributors, this is, by far, the most entertaining page on freeomsite.US.  Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.  HAVE FUN (and maybe find something to think about at the same time). 

                             True Compassion

Apparently, some people have never heard of “tough love”. That would explain the behavior of a lot of kids today. But in the political arena, the need is for True Compassion.


 Tying the Issues Together


In the lead article on this page we mentioned that “other issues” have to take a back seat in this fight against socialism. Here, we look a little deeper into how those issues tie back together – and how they don't in some cases. Tying the Issues Together

We will also specifically examine some of the "other" issues in more detail.  Since the health care debate is currently on our minds, we have tackled this one first:  Health Care

By the way, DID YOU KNOW:  That, even though it was claimed that the Health Care Bill "won't cost anything", there is a little known "secret" provision in that bill that helps to insure that when the goverment does print masses of new currency to pay for it, then there will actually be the desired super-inflation.  That is, a provision in the so-called Health Care Bill, requires everyone to self-report acquisitions of ANY gold valued at over $600 (on penalty of $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison).   This means that the govenment can, like it did during the FDR administration, "collect" all the gold that people are holding as hedges against the coming inflation.  Turns your stomach, doesn't it?  So, I guess, it does have something to do with health care, after all.  SOME of the details are discussed in this article from Healthcare Gold 

And if Obamacare is Constitutional, then what are the limits on government?  Here is an external link that provides an interesting answer:
Anything it wants! 

Oh, and did you catch Nancy's reasoning as to why they went ahead and passed the healthcare bill, even though the vast majority of the American people were against it?  
Nancy's reasoning! 

We are neither entirely anti-union nor entirely pro-union.  But there is no doubt that there are a lot of questions surrounding Unions and how they relate to our efforts to dig ourselves out of this hole and proceed in the right direction.  Some of those are addressed in this editorial by Dr. Tim Nerenz.  (Submitted by our friend Dennis McAllister.)  A MOMENT OF CLARITY

Why We Fight
   Inspiring Quotations
   Illigitimi Non Carburundum


Why are we doing this? Is it a lost cause, or have we “only begun to fight”?  Why We Fight! 



You have all seen lists of famous quotations. I know that I never get tired of reading them, so I have put one together myself, ordered so as to tell a bit of a story. I should note that, since I put this list together, I have found out that some of them may not be fully accurate. Someday I will try to go through them and sort those out. An example is that Burke apparently didn't ever really say or write, “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. That is just a paraphrase of his philosophy. But I'll bet he wishes he had said it. Eric's List of Relevant Quotations




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 Now What?


Thank you for reading this. NOW GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! Something peaceful, of course, as losing decorum or reverting to violence or impropriety only hurts our cause. Please control the sense of urgency that you rightfully possess, and let the enemies be the ones that make asses of themselves in front of the nation. Now, off to your Tea Party!!!


 Questions and Comments

Some of my friends will disagree with the content here – some vehemently. That is fine. Let me know what you disagree with. Such input is my main source for inspiration and ideas. Who knows, you might even persuade me that I'm wrong and socialism is great. Give it a try! Send questions and comments to:

REGARDING COPYRIGHT ISSUES:      Since we are in this fight because we believe in it, and not to make money, permission is freely given to either (preferably) link to our site, or to use portions of our site in your own materials.  We would appreciate being credited.  As for the content of this sight, many pictures are taken from sources wherein the pictures are supposedly either public domain or wherein permission has been granted for free use.  Also, some pictures are taken from emails in circulation, and such, the source of which we do not know.  If we have inadvertently used any of your copyrighted materials we will either remove them OR credit you and/or link to your site, as you prefer. 


There's a lot of good stuff here – even links to pro-socialism web sites.

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